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Social Media Selling Tips: How to Sell on Instagram
Social Media Selling Tips

Social Media Selling Tips: How to Sell on Instagram

Instagram is one of the top social media sites for engaging with potential clients, making social media selling tips essential. According to eMarketer, 1.074 billion people will be using Instagram in 2021. Given the platform’s scale, it goes without saying that having a strong presence on it may help your business grow. The good news is that consumers are seeking companies that they enjoy.

According to Instagram, 80% of users follow at least one company, and 60% claim they’ve discovered a product using the site. You can leverage social media selling tips to sell things right from customers’ feeds with Instagram shoppable posts. Users may shop, purchase, and check out without leaving the app. People use Instagram for inspiration, and selling on the network allows you to upload photographs of your items being utilized in real life, which creates the ideal selling atmosphere. Several online marketing agencies can help you set up these shoppable posts.

If you want to broaden your brand’s reach and enhance online sales, link your product library to your Instagram account to make your posts shoppable and turn your followers into buyers. Here’s how to Sell on Social Media with Instagram Shoppable Posts.

How to Begin Using Shoppable Posts

It’s simple and only takes a few steps to learn how to utilize Instagram to generate shoppable posts, but there are a few prerequisites to meet first:

You must have a business account on Instagram. In the Instagram app settings, you may convert your personal account. You must be in a location where Instagram Shopping is available. In this Instagram help guide, you can check availability. You should authorize your Instagram account before using Instagram Shopping. In the final setup phase, you can request a review. You must first connect to the Facebook Business Extension. This adds your items to a library you can access when making Instagram posts. Your website must be live, and your online store must have at least one product available. 

Then, to enable Instagram Shopping, follow the instructions. The process will guide you through integrating your account, linking or creating a catalogue, establishing a Facebook Pixel, and connecting your Facebook Page and Instagram account. You may start tagging your posts with goods from your online store once Instagram has reviewed and approved your catalogue and account for shopping posts. 

How to use product tags in Instagram photos

To get started, create a new normal Instagram post or open an existing one. You can tag up to five goods per picture or video and up to 20 products in a multi-image post on Instagram, although fewer is recommended. Too many tags on a photo might generate confusion, making it less likely for a customer to choose a product. From the share screen, choose Tag Products, choose a product from the catalogue and set the tag near the product in the photograph. Then, share your post. By looking at the shopping bag icon, Instagram users may tell if a post is shoppable. The best digital marketing services now consist of setting up your Instagram page from scratch, including setting up shoppable Instagram posts. 

How to make money on Instagram by creating shoppable photos

Focus on earning sales after your account is set up, but be judicious about which Instagram pictures you tag. Customers want to form relationships with firms on social media rather than being swamped with marketing. Remember that shoppable posts should be a part of your entire Instagram content strategy. Make sure your shoppable posts are consistent with the brand and appearance of the rest of your content. You don’t want certain postings to appear inconsistent with others when a potential consumer sees your profile page. 

Instagram is a visual channel, so make sure your postings are genuine. While filters can improve photographs, you want to make sure your items are appropriately portrayed so that consumers have the right expectations and returns are avoided. 

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